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Well done!

That was an amazing decision to get your own copy of “SetForget Pattern Profit”. Trading with it will help you tremendously! This is a fantastic indicator and it works just great. All you have to do is follow the trading rules explained in the user guide…

These trading rules will help you eliminate trades which have a very low winning potential and choose only the ones that have the most winning power. It will take you a bit of time to understand those trading rules and practice using them… And chances are… One day you might simply forget about them and blindly enter the first signal you see…

Ofcourse you might get lucky and that trade might win… But trading Forex is not about luck. It’s about smart, confident and quick decisions. And I have something for you today that will make those smart, confident and quick decisions on your behalf. Something that eliminates the need to learn, understand and practice all those trading rules once and for all.

And if you’ve been with me for the past few months, first, I want to thank you and second, I want to tell you that I am not talking about one of my previous supporting indicators called “Profit Trade Scanner”. No. Because “Profit Trade Scanner” was designed and developed for a completely different type of trading tool than what “SetForget Pattern Profit” actually is.

“SetForget Pattern Profit” is a brand new unique indicator that is different than my other indicators and it requires a brand new signal supporting approach. What I have for you today however, works perfectly with “SetForget Pattern Profit”. It’s a brand new unique signal supporting tool that is going to revolutionize your trading.

It's called "Winning Signal Verifier"

It’s an extremely smart trading tool that allows you to know exactly which trades have the highest winning potential in advance! Wouldn't it be great if you had that information for every trade that you decide to take? I think it could help you a lot!


Let Me explain How it Works...

#1. Look at the upper box with the red stroke.

If majority of the bars have more green than red – it’s good to enter only buy trades. However, if these bars have more red than green – it’s good enter sell trades. (This example scenario suggests we enter only BUY trades.)


#2. Look at the lower box now.

The more bars you see on the Range Meter and the more bars you see on the Safety Meter – the higher the chances are that your trade will win. 



That's it! It's That Easy!

That’s all you need to know to successfully guard yourself from weak trades and only follow the strong ones.This information is a dream for every trader who wants to be successful in Forex. Lack of this exact information is what has always been holding as back… All the time…

“Winning Signal Verifier” is going to inspect every single possible aspect that plays even the smallest role in whether your trade is going to win or not. It will allow you to choose only the most profitable and powerful signals that make your trading account grow day in and day out.

You will get all these!







My team and I have been testing “Winning Signal Verifier” for several months and we are very happy with how it’s turned out. It’s greatly increased the number of winning trades and does all the complex market analysis with laser accuracy.

Now think about this for a moment. How much would a trading tool be worth that actually tells you to “Take this trade” or “Better wait for the next signal” ? How much would it cost to have a professional trader standing behind your back and giving you those recommendations? I bet that would be about $2000 an hour. Ofcourse it all depends on the experience of that trader…

But can you afford about $2000 an hour? If you are like me and most of the other people that I work with… Emm… That number sound a little crazy. Forget that $2000 per hour number. That could be a rip off!

We’ve Got A Better Solution For You.

“Winning Signal Verifier” is going to be your “Personal Professional Trader” that will tell you which signals to take and which signals to avoid. It will show you how powerful each new signal is and how good the market conditions are for you to enter a new trade.

“Winning Signal Verifier” will do all the work that a professional trader could do for you… But instead of $2000 per hour, “Winning Signal Verifier” can be yours for a one-time payment of just $147.

Do you see how much of an opportunity this will give you? You can be moving mountains with “Winning Signal Verifier”. You could reach your financial goals 100 times easier and whole lot faster!

That “Upgrade My Order” button below is the key to your new perfect life. Take this key, open that door and start living the life that you’ve always wanted!

Make your life change for the better! Hit the “Upgrade My Order” button below right now and I will see you on the other side!

And remember, everything carries a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. That's 2 risk free months for you to try this product. So click the "Upgrade My Order" button below to get started immediately.

Yes! Upgrade My Order for an Additional $147!



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